Food Finds in OKC

I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile now. I’ve been trying to be more consistent with blogging instead of just once a month or so, but life has been a little crazy lately, and that’s okay. Because stressing over trying to get a blog post out would not make blogging enjoyable for me. Really love this post by Sara, a Marshall intern who shadowed me last week. In this post she talks about tips to not fall into the comparison trap and I totally related!

A month ago I visited Matt in his new town for his dietetic internship and grad school. Matt went to Oklahoma State for his undergrad degree (GO POKES) and it was really fun visiting the town of Stillwater and making our own traditions there. However, I was really excited to visit his new town in the Edmond/Oklahoma City area of Oklahoma where he is attending University of Central Oklahoma. We tried out a lot of cool restaurants and food trucks that I am excited to share with you all!

Green Goodies

IMG_1791IMG_1792This is a bakery that caters to those who have different dietary needs – hello, me! – They have vegan, gluten-free, and traditional options. They are so tasty. They have the best gluten-free cookies I have ever had. We got a frosted cookie and a salted caramel cupcake to split.. Both were awesome. You have to stop here if you are ever in OKC.IMG_1793

Andy’s Frozen Custard

Going to Andy’s has become a tradition for me and Matt every time I fly into Oklahoma. We went once for a date when we first started dating and almost a year and a half later it is still one of our favorite places. It is a chain, but their custard is off the chain. It is super creamy. They are outside of Oklahoma, but sadly we don’t have any in WV yet.


Matt and I had a Goodwill date and then wore our outfits to Andy’s. It was a lot of fun. I loved the awful Christmas sweater he got me to wear. He did not really like his tight shirt and 80’s sweats but that’s okay lol.


Café Kacao

IMG_1845IMG_1846IMG_1852IMG_1847This place is supposed to be known to be traditional Guatemalan food. It had awesome reviews and we were super excited to try it out. Matt’s mom had been there before and said that it was not traditional, and she was disappointed. However, we still wanted to give it a shot.

I got a horchatta latte and it was delicious. Probably some of the best espresso I have ever had. They were doing all kinds of cool things with the coffee drinks. I saw them torching a marshmallow that must have been for their marshmallow latte.

I really liked mine. My favorite part was the plantains. I love plantains. They were cooked perfectly. I enjoyed my dish, but I guess it was not what I was expecting. Matt got a burrito and was super disappointed. His burrito was not very traditional at all in his opinion, but he said it still tasted okay.

Overall, the place had a super cool vibe, but if it is up to Matt I doubt we will go there again. Maybe he just ordered the wrong thing, but in his opinion the menu was not very traditional it was more hipsterish LOL. We were both pretty full and only ate half which made for great leftovers later. We are all about that leftover life.

Pho Cuong

IMG_1839IMG_1840OKC is a really cool city because it has different districts. They have an Asian district which was where Pho Cuong was, but the Asian district has other restaurants as well as Asian grocery markets. Super cool! Pho Cuong really looks like nothing on the outside or the inside for that matter, but their pho was super good.. and cheap! I love how pho is so warm and comforting but at the same time super fresh with all the veggies. They also have different types of Bubble Tea. Do you like Bubble Tea? I love how sweet, ice cold it is and how it is dotted with chewy boba tapioca pearls. Matt and I both ate there for less than 20.00.

Holey Roller’s Donuts

IMG_1875IMG_1876OKC also has a more Spaniard/Artsy district called The Paseo Arts District. It has a lot of cool different Spaniard looking buildings and various places to eat and check out some cool art! Holey Roller’s Donuts is a donut truck Matt and I found online and we followed them to a farmer’s market. They have also recently opened up their own shop at The Paseo. Holey Roller’s specializes in having vegan donuts, but also offers gluten-free donut options daily.


Their food truck is adorable, and the owner was super nice and helpful when deciding on donuts. This was one of my first gluten-free donuts that was not from the frozen aisle at a Health Food Store. It was so cool to be able to have a donut again, but even more cool that they were delicious and super moist. Matt and I would be regulars if I lived in OKC. I got a gluten-free chocolate sprinkle donut and he got a regular pumpkin one. They were so good that he insisted on tracking Holey Rollers down the next day at The Day of The Dead Festival. We got a gluten-free chai donut to split. The icing was super yummy. I’ve never been a chai person before but this donut may have changed my mind.


The Mule

IMG_1889IMG_1888The Mule is a sandwich place and brewery. It doesn’t sound like much. In fact, when we were talking about trying it out Matt was worried that a sandwich would not fill him up. We decided to give it a shot anyway since they had gluten-free bread on their menu. All of their ingredients are locally sourced and they had some unique sandwiches on the menu including a sandwich called the macaroni poney- that’s right-macaroni on a sandwich. Neither one of us got that one but we sure thought it sounded interesting. I got a turkey sandwich that had turkey, gruyere, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and spicy aioli. Matt got the big mule grilled cheese with three different cheeses on them. He got gluten-free bread too and we split them.  Both sandwiches came with either fries, salad, or soup and we both got fries. I was full and did not finish my fries. They made for a nice side with our salmon and asparagus for dinner the next evening. We both loved this place.

I think a HUGE misconception with intuitive eating is that when you eat “whatever you want” that health goes out the door. However, I believe that when you are intuitively eating- listening to your body and tuning into your hunger/fullness cues – you are more in tune to what your body needs. To me, that aligns right with overall health and healthy eating. We made some blueberry baked oatmeal to have for breakfasts during this week which I know my body was needing. We also had salmon two nights with asparagus and fries/potatoes. With intuitive eating some days your body may want the grilled cheese and other days your body may want the asparagus and salmon. Your body knows what to do with ALL the different nutrients you give it and I think it is amazing God made us that way.


Oh and here’s a picture of Matt with a random bird that found him. It was too funny. He just looked down and it was on his leg chilling there. It was such a sweet bird. 🙂



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